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Work and Travel: Accompanied work experience for students over 16 years old in Brighton, South of England.

We are offering teenagers over 16 years old a special kind of cultural exchange in this year’s Autumn holidays. Accompanied by native speakers, participants of the course will experience two weeks in lively Brighton, enjoy the real British life and have work experience in one of the hip shops of Brighton.

Brighton: Londons little sister by the sea
The seaside town of Brighton is full of alternative culture. Young artists, fashion and culinary highlights which characterise the city and each year attract many, especially young visitors. The language students will be living with their native speakers, a stone throw away from England’s capital city. Also walking distance from the lively city center and place of internship. Here you can experience the cultural diversity, the trendiest shops and experience the “British way of life”. With its sights, such as the exotic Royal Pavilion, the diverse markets in the Lanes or the legendary Brighton Pier with its amusement, exciting excursions are guaranteed.

brighton_3 [1]

Internship in Sales: learn the language whilst doing something good
Martlets-hospice_TC_3 [2]Charity shops are a well known tradition in the UK. By selling donated clothes, utensils and furniture, organisations raise funds for charity. The language students will be receiving training in one of the frequently represented charity shops in the area “Martlets Hospice”, of which there are five stores with very different orientations in Brighton. Whether selling fashionable vintage clothes, antiques, jewellery or furniture, teenagers will be supporting a team of volunteers in the shops or warehouses. Not only do they have the possibility to practise and improve their conversational skills, they will learn completely new forms of expression in the English language. Furthermore the students will be exposed to the things that can’t be learnt from a text book; English culture and dialect.

Einzelhandel [3]English in retail: a good preparation for future professions
The students will attend a one-hour lesson in English and communication every morning, to make sure they are ready for the work in the stores. They will learn, not only new vocabulary on topics such as customer service, sales calls and billing, but also practice in group roleplays. The daily language lessons also leaves room for questions, suggestions and uncertainties relating to the work experience. Thats how the language trip will be a complete success and make you fit for the job market.

Support for independence: learning language from native speakers
Jugend [4]Unlike a homestay, in which the quality of the stay may be strongly influenced, all the students will live together with their native teachers in a shared house. Our trainers are locals that will support the participating teens with the language and are always available for advice and questions. They supervise and teach at the internship, plan trips in the free time and organise the food shopping in the house, where participants are also responsible for preparing dinner for everyone.

From arrival to departure everything is included: an uncomplicated language trip
Lernen [5]The language students will be met by the trainers on arrival at Stansted airport and travel together to Brighton. Before the students begin their internships, they will take a tour around
Brighton, where they will be shown the way to the shops and all the main meeting points for the next two weeks. Excursions to London and two near by towns are on the agenda, as are activities in the evenings and weekend. The students will have breakfast together, packed lunch at the internship and a cooked dinner in the evening.

Language trip to Brighton – Internship in Retail