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For Kindergarten

For Kindergarten

Language course and learning languages in the Kindergarten

Kids in Kindergarten and pre-school age are very curious and are open to new experiences with other languages and cultures. It is proved that the best time for children to learn a new language is between the age of 3 and 5 years. It is important that they come into contact with the other language. The Kids and Teens Language school enriches your kindergarten experiences with a playful, lively form of experiencing a language with „all your senses“. We listen, sing, smell, see and understand. In English, French, Spanish or Italian. We use the „immersion method“. The kids are immersed into the foreign language, learn how to speak and play with the help of our native language trainers, arts and crafts, building and painting with the children.

The children learn in a playful manner without any performance pressure. Our goals for this particular age group are to understand certain words and phrases, to successfully emulate and to speak the language.

We offer two possibilities:

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